Hear our doctors discuss the safety—and importance—of the COVID-19 vaccine

Jan 12, 2021

As Kaiser Permanente begins to roll out the COVID-19 vaccine to our members in the region, we understand that some may not feel comfortable getting the vaccination.

But we want to reassure our members that the vaccine is safe. After the FDA approved emergency use of the vaccine, Kaiser Permanente’s infectious disease and other clinical experts reviewed the safety and effectiveness data and determined, along with other state and federal public health officials, that it was safe to administer.

Many of our physicians have already taken the vaccine and have some thoughts to share about the importance of getting vaccinated, and why they didn’t hesitate to take this life-saving measure:


Dr. Arifuz Zaman, Urgent Care physician


Dr. Eric McDonald, emergency medicine physician


Dr. Alicia Sussman, ob-gyn


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