Keep Your Busy Life On Track With A Flu Shot

Keep your busy life on track with a flu shot

Flu season is here—so there’s no time to lose when it comes to protecting yourself and your loved ones against catching and spreading the flu. Get your flu shot early in the season so it is more effective, and safeguard your health today.

Medical centers throughout the Mid-Atlantic States region are now providing flu shots to members at no additional cost. You can just walk in to any medical center anytime we’re open—no appointment is necessary. If you already have plans to see your doctor, just ask your doctor for the shot during your visit.

Don’t take a chance on missing out on any special—or even everyday—plans. Get your shot as early as possible to stay healthy this flu season. If you have children, make sure to get them vaccinated against the flu to keep them from missing school and other activities.

Here are some facts about the flu and the flu shot to consider:

  • The flu shot is your best defense for lessening the effects of the flu if you catch it.
  • Everyone is at risk from the flu. Even healthy people get sick enough to miss work or school—or even be hospitalized.
  • You and your family, including children 6 months and older, need to get this year’s flu shot, since the flu changes every year.
  • The flu shot does not contain an active flu virus, so it cannot give you the flu.

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