Adult to Teen Proxy

Jun 21, 2023

Adult to Teen Proxy now available

The parent or legal guardian of a teen 13 to 17 years old can now have online access to their teen’s health information and secure messaging on This new access is set up through the parent’s account, by adding the teen’s name in the “Act for a family member” feature. You may be able to see some health information for younger children that you can’t see for teens 13 or older due to confidentiality laws.1

To register online to be your teen’s Proxy, you need to:

  • Sign into your own account.
  • Click on your name in the top, righthand corner of the screen and select “Profile and preferences.”
  • Go to the “Act for a family member” section, click on the “Be a caregiver for” field, and add your teen’s information.

You can access these features through the Adult to Teen Proxy

  • View allergies that have been recorded by the health care team
  • Read teen health and wellness information
  • Fill out family and past medical history questionnaires
  • Look at your teen’s growth charts
  • Get health reminders for vaccine due dates and well-care visits
  • View and download vaccine records
  • Schedule routine doctor visits (does not include video visits)2
  • Send secure messages to your teen’s doctor and health care team, including photos
  • Send secure messages to medical records, Member Services, web manager, and other departments

These items are not available through the Adult to Teen Proxy1

  • Health summary or wallet card
  • Letters sent or given at visits, including verifications of treatment from the doctor
  • Health problem list
  • Past visit information: after-visit summaries
  • Pharmacy: medicine lists and refills
  • Past or future doctor visit dates and details
  • Standard patient questionnaires
  • Test results: lab, X-ray, etc.
  • Video visits2
Frequently asked questions

How do I get help with signing in and seeing my teen’s account?

  • First review the information found through the “Member Assistance” link on the member sign-in
    page at
  • If you’re still having problems, call the Help Line at 800-556-7677 (TTY 711), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except major holidays.

My child will be 13 years old soon. What will happen to my access to their health information?

As a parent or legal guardian, your Adult to Child Proxy access for your child (under the age of 13) will automatically stop on the day before your child’s 13th birthday. However, you can still have access to certain health information about your child through the Adult to Teen Proxy that will end a day before the teen turns 18 years old.

For parents who set up an Adult to Child Proxy AFTER the end of March 2016, the teen proxy access will occur automatically a day before the child’s 13th birthday. All Adult to Child Proxy accounts established BEFORE March 2016 will end on the day before the teen’s 13th birthday. It’s very easy to sign up for access to your teen’s records in the “Act for a family member” feature.

Will I be able to see my teen’s messages to the doctor?

You will not be able to see messages sent by your teen. However, you will be able to email your teen’s doctor and see the replies to your messages.

I am already using my teen’s account and password to access their health information along with messages, letters, etc., with their doctor. What will be different now?

Parents and guardians of teens should instead use the Adult to Teen Proxy access to view their teen’s
health information on Having access to your teen’s health information is easy through the parent’s own login, and contains useful additional information, such as vaccine and well-care reminders. The teen will also be able to maintain their own account and continue to use the Teen Only access. Parents or legal guardians who are not members of Kaiser Permanente can also set up an Adult to Teen Proxy.

My teen is mentally unable to make important health decisions. As the parent or legal guardian, I must have access to their health information and act on their behalf. What is required for me to get access to the account?

The parent or legal guardian must set up access for Adult for Diminished Capacity Individuals.3
Visit the Kaiser Permanente HIMS – Medical Records Department at any Kaiser Permanente location to have a staff person help you set up the Adult Proxy for Diminished Capacity Individual access.

Please note that the teen’s primary care doctor or pediatrician will also need to provide proof that the teen is unable to make health decisions on their own behalf.

  1. The parent or guardian may request copies of the teen’s medical record from the Health Information Management Services (HIMS – Medical Records) Department.
    However, based on teen confidentiality laws, any legally protected confidential information will not be included if the teen does not agree to the release in writing.
  2.  If you travel out of state, phone appointments and video visits may not be available due to state laws that may prevent doctors and health care providers from
    providing care across state lines. Laws differ by state.
  3. A patient is considered incapacitated if he/she is unable to coherently and competently acknowledge and and authorize (via signed HIPAA authorization form

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