CenteringPregnancy is changing the way women receive their prenatal care

Dec 09, 2021

Kaiser Permanente is excited to offer CenteringPregnancyTM, a new option for prenatal care. In CenteringPregnancy, six to ten women who are due at about the same time meet together for prenatal care in regular, 2-hour visits throughout pregnancy. Visits include individual check-ups with their doctor, education, support and group discussion. Centering visits replace traditional prenatal visits. In group visits, moms-to-be can share pregnancy experiences as they journey to motherhood. Sessions are planned far in advance, making scheduling easier.

More benefits for moms and their babies
Moms-to-be who actively participate in the CenteringPregnancy program are more aware and better informed about their pregnancy. They feel more confident and reassured.

Moms who participate in CenteringPregnancy will typically:

  • Have more time with their doctor
  • Be better prepared for labor and delivery, breastfeeding, and newborn care
  • Give birth to healthier babies, with fewer racial disparities in preterm births*
  • Connect to other moms-to-be and make lasting friendships

CenteringPregnancy is currently available at the Largo Medical Center.

*Carter EB, et al. Group Prenatal Care Compared with Traditional Prenatal Care: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Obstet Gynecol.

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