Make Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

Make healthy new year’s resolutions

Make the New Year your “you” year

With the beginning of each new year comes the opportunity to start fresh. That may mean you’re ready to make a big change in your life—perhaps quit smoking, lose weight, exercise more, start meal planning, or maybe just focus a little more on self-care. No matter your goal, Kaiser Permanente offers resources and tools that can help you stick to your New Year’s resolutions.


Want to quit smoking?

Along with these additional tips, start small and set goals—and make sure you ask for support from family, friends, and your doctor.

  • Visit for tools and information to help you quit tobacco use.
  • Go to for inspirational podcasts.
  • Work with a wellness coach* to create a customized plan for quitting.
  • Ask your doctor about the Emmi® smoking cessation program.


Trying to lose weight?

Make exercise and nutrition fun rather than tedious by finding a workout buddy or enlisting your entire family to exercise and eat healthy meals with you.

  • Visit for resources to help you manage your weight, including a BMI calculator to determine your risk for weight-related conditions.
  • Check out for podcasts on how to lose weight.
  • Participate in an online Nutrition for Weight Control class—visit to make an appointment.
  • Work with a wellness coach* to create a customized plan to help you lose weight.
  • Ask your doctor about Emmi® programs that can help you achieve your weight loss goals.


Planning to eat healthier?

Plan healthy meals and snacks for the entire week and create a list before you go grocery shopping so you don’t buy junk food on impulse.

  • Visit for tips on eating well.
  • Work with a wellness coach* to create a customized plan to help you eat healthier.


Interested in being more active?

Exercise can be anything that involves movement—walk around the block during lunch, or take a class at the gym a few times a week to get your heart rate up. Encourage friends and family to get active with you.

  • Visit for tools to help you stay active.
  • Work with a wellness coach* to create a customized plan to help you exercise more.


Need to reduce stress?

Use resources (online or otherwise) to help determine the cause of your stress, then find ways to minimize it.

  • Visit to download podcasts about relaxation and stress management.
  • Work with a wellness coach* to create a customized plan for reducing stress.


Start the year off right by taking advantage of the resources that Kaiser Permanente offers to help you follow through on your resolutions. Learn more about how you can reach your goals for 2020.


*Wellness coaching is available at no additional charge to Kaiser Permanente members. Call 866-862-4295, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. to make an appointment.

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