Stay safe and aware during the holidays with COVID-19 testing

Nov 03, 2022

To protect our members from COVID-19, Kaiser Permanente continues to make testing and vaccination a priority throughout the region. We encourage all of our members to test first with an at-home (antigen) test. COVID-19 home antigen tests provide results usually within 30 minutes. These are highly accurate when you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, which include taking both tests in your kits 24-36 hours apart. Rapid tests can be used in most cases, including if you or your family:   

  • Have symptoms (retest after 24-48 hours if the first test result is negative) 
  • Have been exposed to someone who tested positive (test 5 days after exposure if no symptoms) 
  • Plan to attend a gathering or event, or spend time with people are at risk for serious illness 
  • Need to show a negative test result for return to work (employer policies may vary

If a PCR test is required by your doctor or to show for an event or activity, you may schedule an appointment at one of our medical centers that offers COVID-19 testing. Since 2020, our Advanced Urgent Care teams have conducted COVID-19 testing for members. Starting in November, that responsibility will shift to our Laboratory teams.  

The medical centers below will now conduct COVID-19 testing in their lab departments. For a full list of COVID-19 testing facilities, please visit 

  • Capitol Hill Medical Center, starting October 24 
  • South Baltimore County Medical Center, starting November 7 
  • Tysons Corner Medical Center, starting November 15  
  • Gaithersburg Medical Center, starting November 28 
  • Largo Medical Center, starting date TBD  

Members will still get the same convenient care experience for COVID-19 testing. Tests will be performed by experienced staff members, and members will receive their test results within 24 hours. 

Even with this shift, we still offer a variety of convenient ways for our members to get tested for COVID-19, including: 

  • Antigen at-home kits delivered to your home,  
  • PCR kits delivered to your home,  
  • Appointments to be swab by a lab staff member,  
  • Appointments for COVID-19 kit pick-up, or  
  • Appointments to self-swab testing.  

To determine the best method of testing for you and your family, read our test guide. 

We require appointments for all COVID-19 testing and vaccination services. To schedule an appointment, complete an e-visit on or call 800-777-7904. 

Protect yourself and your loved ones this season by getting tested for COVID-19, especially before any social gatherings. You deserve to enjoy the holidays together and in good health. 

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