Kaiser Permanente helps you hear better so you can live better

Jun 01, 2021

If you’re having difficulty hearing, you may be missing the sounds that make life special. And you may not know where turn for help. First, realize you’re not alone—millions of Americans have hearing loss. Second, consider that better hearing starts with better care, like what you’ll find with Kaiser Permanente.

We’re dedicated to helping you keep sound in your world. That’s why our audiologists work closely with your care team to test your hearing and identify the best hearing aid for you, if needed. It’s also why our hearing centers carry devices for hearing protection, music, and swimming. Plus, we offer low-deductible hearing aid options, prices that are often 25 to 40% less than those of our competitors, and one of the longest hearing device warranties in the region.

So, if you need answers about hearing loss, connect with us. At kp.org/hearingcare, you have 24/7 access to information and answers to your questions about hearing services. Visit the site anytime to learn about:

  • Assistive listening devices
  • Various types of hearing aids
  • Hearing tests

There are ways you can deal with hearing loss—Kaiser Permanente can help. Start at kp.org/hearingcare.

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