Reston and Springfield Medical Centers undergoing renovations

Sep 25, 2023

Our Reston and Springfield Medical Centers are undergoing renovations between now and the spring of 2024. We hope all of these renovations will provide a better experience for our members visiting either Reston or Springfield Medical Centers.

Reston Medical Center Renovations 

Reston Medical Center will be undergoing significant renovations, including:

  • Updated lab, pharmacy, radiology, and Vision Essential departments
  • Updated waiting rooms
  • Refinished main stairwell
  • Enclosed exterior stairwell

Springfield Medical Center Renovations 

Springfield Medical Center will have a new and expanded parking lot in 2024.

While construction is underway, members can park in the lot as they enter off of Loisdale Court. Additional parking is available in the rear of the center in front of the old Springfield Medical Center. Golf cart transportation is also available for anyone visiting our Springfield Medical Center.

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