Skip the appointment line with our new service

Jul 26, 2023

If your next doctor’s appointment is scheduled further out than you’d like, Kaiser Permanente now offers a new option that might get you into your physician’s office a bit sooner.

Now you can use our automated wait list to get an earlier appointment if one becomes available. This option can get you in to see your doctor an average of 21 days sooner, and the new appointment will be for the same service and the same clinician as initially booked.

Getting started is easy:

  1. Go to or the Kaiser Permanente app1 to schedule your appointment as you normally would.
  2. Select “Join for sooner appointment and be notified if earlier appointments become available.”
  3. Click “Schedule it.”
  4. If an earlier appointment becomes available, you’ll receive a text and email with instructions on how to select the earlier appointment.

NOTE: Most sooner appointments are only available for appointments that have been scheduled at least 3 days in advance.

Not registered on

Set up your profile today so you can schedule appointments online. Once you’re registered, download the Kaiser Permanente app from the App Store or Google Play2 to manage your health from anywhere.

Ready to skip the line? Discover how easy it is to sign up for an earlier appointment today.

1 To use the Kaiser Permanente app, you must be a Kaiser Permanente member registered on

2 Apple is a trademark of Apple, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple, Inc. Google Play and Android are trademarks of Google, Inc.

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