Get text reminders about your appointments

Jan 06, 2020

When life gets busy, it’s easy to lose track of upcoming appointments. Stay on top of your health by opting in to receive appointment reminders via text message1 on your mobile device.

Enjoy these benefits:

  • Appointment reminders for most of your appointments or your loved ones’ appointments (must have set up caregiver access on
  • Ability to cancel appointments without having to call your doctor’s office
  • Receive timely information about facility closures (such as for inclement weather)
  • Receive other updates related to your care
  • Additional notifications regularly added for your convenience


Ensure you receive these convenient notifications by providing us with your most up-to-date mobile phone number. You may verify your mobile phone number:

  • During your next visit to a Kaiser Permanente center.
  • When you make an appointment by calling the Medical Advice and Appointment Center at 800-777-7904.

Opt out at any time by calling 800-777-7904 or replying to the most recent text appointment reminder with the word “STOP.”2 For more information about text reminders, go to


1 Text message reminders are currently available for all primary care appointments and most specialty departments.

2 If a member already gets text messages about their prescriptions, they will keep receiving them. Prescription reminders are part of a separate program and unrelated to appointment reminders.

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