Support your teen’s emotional health with help from myStrength Complete

Nov 20, 2023

Whether it’s building self-esteem, navigating social media, struggling with bullies, or other concerns, many challenges can affect your teen’s emotional health. Some adolescents are comfortable talking to loved ones about their troubles, but others may keep things to themselves.

Worried about your teen? Get them the help they need with myStrength Complete, available from Kaiser Permanente at no extra cost.

MyStrength Complete offers many services and resources for teens ages 13 and up:1

  • Teletherapy. Phone and video appointments with a licensed therapist from the comfort of home, available seven days a week.
  • Structured digital courses. Self-paced courses based on gold-standard, evidence-based clinical protocols.
  • Recommended digital content. Personalized content aligned with their interests and goals.
  • In-the-moment tools. Short, actionable digital activities to help them cope with periods of high stress.

To sign up your teen for myStrength Complete, as the primary member, please follow these instructions:

  • Sign a consent form on the myStrength Complet platform.
  • Once the signed consent form has been completed, request a phone or video appointment on behalf of your teen.
  • Be sure to be present at the beginning of the appointment—you’ll need to provide verbal consent to the provider and address any questions or concerns.
  • At the conclusion of your teen’s visit with their mental health professional, please rejoin the call to help schedule any future appointments.

Your teen may have myStrength Complete appointments as many times as needed to see improved mental health.

MyStrength Complete is available to adolescents with a Commercial health plan.

myStrength Complete is the latest in our suite of behavioral health resources.

Explore your options at

1myStrength Complete by Teladoc Health is available to members age 13 to 17 with a commercial health plan, and members age 18 and older who do not have a Maryland Medicaid health plan. Some of these services may not be covered under your health plan benefits and may not be subject to the terms set forth in your Evidence of Coverage or other plan documents. These services may be discontinued at any time without notice. myStrength® is a wholly owned subsidiary of Livongo Health, Inc. Psychiatry is not included in the myStrength Complete membership.

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