Welcome To Kaiser Permanente

Welcome to Kaiser Permanente

We know this has been a difficult year for everyone—but as always, we’re committed to providing our newest members with the resources you need to be healthy and happy. We offer a variety of digital resources to help make the most of your membership, especially with the challenges this year has presented. Your Kaiser Permanente membership allows you to choose your doctor and change anytime, create an online profile at kp.org, and get your prescriptions with no fuss—and no effort.

Learn more about how Kaiser Permanente makes it easy to make the most of your membership: 

For information on how to get started with your Kaiser Permanente membership, click here. 

To learn more about the pharmacy options available to you, click here. 

Read more about the digital resources available to Kaiser Permanente members, here.

Need to understand more about preventive care? Read here.

Want to learn more about Urgent Care and Advanced Urgent Care? Read here.

Do you still need your flu shot? Learn about your options, here.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Kaiser Permanente is dedicated to the health and safety of our members. To read more about Kaiser Permanente’s approach to COVID-19, visit kp.org/coronavirus.

Thank you for choosing Kaiser Permanente. We are here to support your health now more than ever.

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