New for members: schedule your screening mammogram or ultrasound on

Jun 19, 2020

As part of our efforts to resume providing convenient care to members in our medical centers, you can now go to to schedule screening mammograms and routine ultrasounds for which you already have a doctor’s order. Scheduling your appointment is just a few easy steps on

  1. Once you receive an order from your doctor for a screening mammogram or ultrasound, log onto (you must be a registered user).
  2. Select the tab for My Health and you’ll see a notification that your care team has created an appointment ticket for you, and then select the notification.
  3. Next, select the appointment type you’d like to schedule.
  4. The following screen will list the medical centers available for your appointment. You can either select the Any location option or the specific medical centers that work best for you (you can select more than one), then choose Continue.
  5. Select the best time at your preferred medical center.
  6. Choose Schedule appointment to finalize your scheduled appointment.

Before scheduling, confirm that your doctor has submitted an order for a screening mammogram or ultrasound by logging in to your profile at

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