The Calm App now available at no cost

May 20, 2020

In these challenging times, it’s more important than ever for us to support you in caring for your mental health. That’s why we’re providing our members with access to Calm, at no cost.

Calm is an app that uses meditation and mindfulness to help lower stress, reduce anxiety, and improve sleep quality. The Calm app is the #1 app for meditation and sleep, hand-picked by Kaiser Permanente, and is confidential and easy to use.

The Calm app offers something for everyone. Features include:

  • Guided meditations
  • Programs taught by world-renowned experts
  • Sleep Stories narrated by celebrity guests
  • Mindful movement videos
  • Music for focus, relaxation, and sleep

Help yourself ease into a mindfulness practice, drift off to sleep, or lower stress with help from Calm.

Adult members can get Calm at 

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