Look cool for back-to-school discounts at Vision Essentials

Jul 01, 2021

Although school just ended, it’s not too soon to prepare for the coming academic year by sharpening your child’s vision with a new pair of glasses.

From July 1 to August 31, Vision Essentials by Kaiser Permanente is featuring three money-saving promotions. Get a complete pair of glasses (frame and lenses) for: 1

$69 (no anti-reflective coating)

$99 (with anti-reflective coating)

$129 (Benetton frames and anti-reflective coating)

Make an appointment at any Vision Essentials location during those dates and our team of optical professionals can help you choose from a selection of frames that match your child’s personality. And with great savings, choosing among their favorites won’t be as hard. The future is bright.

Visit kp2020.org for locations and hours or call 703-359-7878 to make an appointment.

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